Parkar Construction as Waterproofing experts in Goa offer client’s world class quality services in waterproofing. We provide 100% solution on all types of leakage problems.

Parkar Construction has a wide range of clients from the construction industry of Goa. We are associated with almost all prominent architects, civil structure consultants from all over Goa.

Parkar Construction has done a wide variety of waterproofing projects. Some of our projects are already been executed. Some of them our being completed. Please click on the icon below for a list of such projects.


Searching for Waterproofing Solutions in Goa?
Your search for solutions to all kinds of leakage problems in Goa are provided with a variety of waterproofing remedies through the waterproofing services of Parkar Construction located in the heart of Goa at Ponda.

Every Concrete Structure needs Waterproofing Protection in Goa
May it be a beach house in Goa, a Villa in the Goan village, a Bungalow in Goa or an Apartment in a city or an office, storehouse or factory, every concrete structure whether new or old needs protection from the continuous attack of the daily elements of nature, climatic conditions and the harsh monsoon weather of Goa.

Monsoon season in Goa
The rainy season of the Monsoons in Goa begins from early June and ends in the month of September. Being in the Konkan region, Goa is blessed by abundant rainfall. July is the wettest month of the year with more than 995 mm of rainfall.  Heavy rainfall often causes flash flooding and also pushes humidity up. During the Monsoon season in Goa, Mr. Rajaram Parkar informs that due to excessive and continuous rains the building and construction works in Goa comes almost to a standstill.  During the Monsoons in Goa, Civil Structures and Concrete buildings that have not been covered with some type of waterproofing protection get battered by the heavy rain, which leads to the development of leakages and seepages in homes and workplaces of Goa.

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